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Jim Lattimore

Founder and President

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Jim Lattimore is a practical environmentalist, bringing more than 45 years of frontline experience in engineering, transportation, construction, renewable energy and environmental services to Lattimore Company and his own business interests. In his role as a consultant where he offers government agencies and businesses seeking his leadership, technical expertise and organizational insights to pursue new initiatives, achieve financial objectives, and conform to regulatory requirements.


Having served both privately-held and publicly traded companies, Jim has a proven history in operations, strategic business development, project enhancements, turnarounds, acquisitions and divestitures.

Entrepreneurship is Jim’s strength. Having started his own agribusiness entity when he was 13, he has grown in business and succeeded in numerous industries. Jim thrives on the challenges associated with mapping out winning strategies for his clients, ranging from individuals to businesses to governmental entities.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  Profitability and Growth

Jim Lattimore is a senior environmental services executive whose consulting services provide his clients with strategies and guidance in all areas of operational analysis, planning and implementation; financial forecasting; management strategies; public affairs; and contract negotiations. Among the key positions he has held with major corporations are:

  • Allied Waste Services, Inc. (now Republic Waste Services): As Market Vice President of North Texas, Jim led all aspects of one of Allied’s largest districts in the nation. Annual operations were over $300 million.  Before assuming this position, Jim was General Manager, North Texas, and was responsible for turning around a two-year decline in business by significantly increasing revenues and decreasing operating costs. (EBIT increased from -4.5% growth in 2006 to 52.4% in 2007.) 

  • Waste Management, Inc.: As Region Manager, Business Development and Special Projects, Southwest Region, Jim was responsible for business development and acquisitions, including major municipal contracts. The region, one of four nationally, represented about $3 billion in annual revenues.

  • The Lattimore Company: As Founder and President, Jim early on was involved for more than 10 years in construction management and real estate development. Projects included retail and mixed-use developments, apartment complexes, office buildings, warehouses and office showrooms.

As a consultant:

  • Integrated Transfer Services, LP: Assumed the General Manager’s role to perform a business turnaround for this landfill operating company. ITS has 50 employees and 25 pieces of yellow iron in connection with a contract to operate the City of Fort Worth’s Southeast Landfill as well as Corpus Christi's Cefe Valenzuela Landfill.

  • Pecos Transport, LLC: Planned and developed a start-up company to haul crude oil in the western end of the Permian Basin. Managed the Company on a day-to-day basis as General Manager with 40 drivers and 15 rigs.

  • Advanced Waste (Formerly Veolia Environmental): Managed the Chicago solid waste market (Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin), including all lines of business, during and post-merger as Advanced Waste acquired the U.S. environmental service entity of Veolia, a French company.



ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS: A practical environmentalist.

A family legacy in oil and gas and agribusiness cultivated in Jim a love of the land and a commitment to preserving our natural resources and keeping our waters pure. Over the past several decades, his scientific knowledge and technical background have catapulted him into leadership positions when the most demanding and tedious environmental issues arose.

From permitting landfills, incinerators, landfill-gas-to-energy plants and transfer stations to operating solid waste hauling companies to dealing with hazardous, medical, special and municipal waste, Jim has done it all successfully.  Examples include:

  • Responsibilities for building state-of-the-art landfills and infrastructure associated with them. Jim has served as project manager for major expansion and greenfield sites.

  • Responsibilities for troubleshooting environmental problems and bringing facilities back into compliance.

  • Responsibilities for establishing new operations, recycling and disposal operations in Mexico for an international company.  He successfully helped U.S. companies solve their environmental challenges with their maquiladora operations in Mexico.

  • Responsibilities for constructing the first single-stream recycling facility in North Texas and constructing, then managing the first landfill gas-to-energy plant in Texas.

Jim is in the forefront of many initiatives to bring clean energy and alternative fuel projects on line with fiscal assurance and full capability for sustainability. For about ten years, Jim was the owner and operator of Rancho De Los Robles, on which he was responsible for restoring and improving the ranch pastures.  Its grazing capacity was improved by 100 percent, and Jim’s initiatives received recognition by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service (now the Natural Resources Conservation Service).

Appointed by the Governor of Texas, Jim is now serving his second term  a Director of the Brazos River Authority. The BRA is one of the largest river authorities in Texas and gives Jim an opportunity to engage in the pursuit of his passion for preservation of water resources.

CLEAN ENERGY: Balancing our resources for energy independence

Jim is in the forefront of many initiatives to bring clean energy and alternative fuel projects on line with fiscal assurance and full capability for sustainability.  His efforts in renewable energy and alternative fuel projects include:

  • Wind and solar projects

  • Biodigester projects

  • Waste-to-energy projects

  • Biomass and biofuel projects

His belief in the value of renewable energy systems, both now and in the future, has led him to involvement both as a consultant and developer. His background in engineering and business enables him to move projects from inception through design, construction and into successful operation.

LOGISTICS / TRANSPORTATION: It may not be rocket science, but…

Jim Lattimore is an aerospace engineer whose experience in the military, systems design, construction and transportation gives him the in-depth understanding of the importance of time, equipment and maintenance required for efficiency and profitability on a sustainable basis.  His experiences and successes include:

  • Responsible for concept, planning, staffing and execution to create a successful crude oil trucking operation then operated the company profitably for a period of 3 years until sold.

  • Responsible for the turnaround of a landfill operating company involving continuing day-to-day operations while restructuring staffing and equipment to take the Company from losing money to a very profitable, sustainable operation.

  • Responsibilities for a fleet of 600 heavy trucks and more than 1,000 employees in the solid waste industry.   Critical functions included maintenance, routing, scheduling and personnel management, including the successful resolution of a labor strike by the Teamsters.

  • Responsibilities for expanding environmental services in the waste industry, including transfer station and landfill permitting, construction and operations as well as construction start-ups and operation of materials recovery facilities.

  • Responsibilities for growing a small company to a regional construction company with revenues 20 times greater than when he took the helm as president/CEO. Purchase and supervision of all heavy equipment, including yellow iron and concrete trucks were included in his responsibilities.

Responsibilities in the Armor Branch of the U.S. Army.   While on active duty, Jim was responsible for as many as 60 main battle tanks, command and staff armored vehicles, and supply and logistics for over 600 soldiers.  His leadership was recognized in his positions as platoon leader, executive officer, company commander and various positions at the battalion staff level.


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